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Essay 2:
Musical Influences Essay
I’ve never really been one of those people you find with music always blasting in their car. I’d much rather have conversations. Headphones in world out, has really never been my thing. I prefer the solitude and serenity of silence. I think it has to do with my mother. She was a professional dancer and for most of my life I would sit through her rehearsals listening to constant blaring of music. I found myself really taking advantage of the beauty of silence. Not to eliminate my appreciation for a good piece of music though, I can completely relate when people say music is an outlet. It has the ability to wake you up and realize that you are strong, worth the fight, and overall it helps people cope with some of the hardest times of their life. Track 1

Bullet and a Target- Citizens Cope
Citizens Cope has always been and will always be one of my favorite bands. This song really relates to me because obviously any life track you take there will always be decisions to be made. Sometimes I feel like either decision I particularly make I’m always letting someone down. It’s like being stuck between a bullet and a target in the sense that I’m always being put between and rock and a hard place.

“But what you've done here
Is put yourself between a bullet and a target
And it won't be long before
You're pulling yourself away”

Track 2
I often feel like I grew up way to fast. I feel like a lot of my innocence was taken away from me at a very young age. This is debatable because I grew up in a large city with a lot of outside influence, but I think that the real cause is the constant pressure of being perfect. Knowing what you want to do right away and how you’re going to get there. I remember in kindergarten we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up and I remember thinking, "I have no idea". To this day I’m still really confused on what path I want to take. I do know that I’m extremely passionate about making sure that kids take full advantage of their youth. A Lot of kids are maturing at a faster rate then even I did, you see 7th and 8th graders now with their iphones and showing off their bodies that when I was there age, didn’t even know existed yet. I work at cots volunteering and mentoring homeless children; I understand that a lot of the kids have been exposed to a lot of heavy stuff causing them to grow up way to fast. I know that I want to do do something to prevent this chain from continuing and I want to provide a place for kids to preserve their youth hand innocence. “Maybe the same old fears what have we here,

Don't bring me down
With you….

Now I'm just chasing time
With a thousand dreams I'm holding heavy
And as we cross the line these fading beats have all been severed Don't tell me our youth is running out
It’s only just begun”

Track 3
Successful- Drake
Being successful really isn’t an option for me. I will make it by all means it’s just a question of how. I have a lot to prove to my family, that I can be self-reliant, provide for myself, and that I don’t always need someone to look after or babysit me. Being successful is something I’m completely dedicated in figuring out. Drake says in the song, “I want things to go my way, but a lot of s**t lately been going sideways”. I have to really fight off my doubts and concerns and go for what I want, I have to fight off all my problems and show myself and my family that I can make it. “I just want to be successful.” My mom will always be my role model, she’s one of those people who started from nothing and gained it all on her own. I want to show her I can do it too. She has always supported me and has really made her way in the world. I’m positive I am going to show her I can make it even better than she did, and really make her proud. “Life's fine but I don not portray,

I'm on the other side but it is a short gate,
I don't...
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