The Influence of the Interface on the Students’ Usage of Lms at the University

Topics: Learning management system, E-learning, Virtual learning environment Pages: 14 (4239 words) Published: May 18, 2013
The Influence of the Interface on the students’ usage of LMS at The University

(Research Proposal)

1.1 Background3
1.2 Problem Statement5
1.4 Research Scope6
1.5 Significance of study7
2.0 Literature Review7
3.0 Research Design:13
3.1 Purpose of the study13
3.2 Type of the investigation13
3.3 Extent of interference14
3.4 Study setting14
3.5Unit of analysis14
3.6 Time horizon15
4.0 Methodology15
5.0 Research Schedule16
7.0 Budget18

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
“Electronic learning” or “e-learning” is a general term used to refer to computer-based learning. E-learning has introduced a whole new set of physical, emotional and psychological issues along with educational issues (Palloff and Pratt ,1999). Before the 1970s, the concept of distance learning referred primarily to correspondence courses that provided materials to read and tests to submit by mail. The scope of distance learning in the 1970s and 1980s included viewing programs on public television or, more recently, on cable access channels, with or without a senior lecturer available for discussions (Delaro, 1997). Students sat at home watching hours of videotaped instruction rather than sitting in classrooms doing the same. That meant more accessibility to students unable to attend classes because of scheduling, transportation problems or other restrictions. Distance education implemented in this manner offered limited interaction between lecturers and students but few opportunities for interaction among students. Current e-learning based distance education efforts are incorporating strategies for delivering content effectively, engaging students in active learning, and offering an approach that is flexible, multi-perspective, experiential, often project based and holistic – which is often referred to as student centered. Education providers are increasingly using computer systems to assist teaching and learning activities (Corich, 2005), both in classroom and out as part of a blended learning strategy and to enable distance learning. One of the most famous computer systems used learning management system is the LMS. (LMS) is the term used to describe a server-based system that is designed to manage learning content and learner interactions. The LMS enables the learning content to be available online, allowing students to view and interact with learning materials through a web browser on essentially any computer operating system or even on a mobile device with browsing capability. (LMS) is commonly used to deliver course information and materials to students and present online learning activities to replace or, more commonly, supplement traditional methods such as lectures. There are many commercial LMS products available today as well as several open-source options from which educators and institutions may choose. The specific features and functions of these systems vary considerably, but certain core functions can be found across all of them. These functions include administration features such as student registration, course assignment, and tracking of test or quiz scores, and completion status. From the student or learner perspective, the LMS provides personalized access to the assigned course materials, messaging and notifications, and access to scores and transcripts. (Abdullah, 2007). The university of Science and Technology –Yemen (USTY) uses the LMS as a part of its education system. It provides its student with this online system to help facilitate their process of studying, enhance their performance and provide them with the best education with the quickest and easiest ways. 1.2 Problem Statement

The usability of UST’s LMS:
University of Science and Technology LMS was created to produce an e-learning environment for the university’s students. It is purpose is to serve as an internal...
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