Preference of the Virtual Classroom

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Preference of the virtual classroom
Research paper

Hasan Mahmud ID : 081922044 Eng 105 Sec : 10

Faculty: Rafia Tahseen Date: 23/04/2012


Abstract Acknowledgement Introduction Concept of E-Learning Concept of Virtual Classroom Advantages of Virtual Classroom Process of Virtual Classroom Hypothesis Research Area Methodology Data Collection Finding & Analysis Summary of Research Findings Conclusion Work Cited

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In the recent era of globalization, technological advancement has increased dramatically in every sphere including mainstream education. These advances have introduced new educational nomenclature i.e. “virtual education”, “virtual classroom”, “virtual Universities”, “on line Courses”, “electronic” and “cyberspace institution” etc. Virtual classrooms are becoming more popular these days, due to the fact that they are contributing as a primary solution to the challenges mentioned earlier. Learners and instructors can all connect into a virtual classroom at the same time through various devices like a computer, tablet, smart phone, or even a properly configured television. The main purpose of my research paper is to find the Preference of Virtual classroom. The focus of my research was on how the virtual classroom environment effect on our existing education system, on our learning style. Are the students accept this as a catalyst of change? Can it replace the existing system? Or can it be the catalyst of the existing education system? What features do they need in this solution to get the best output? From my research I expect to find that student are happy to have a virtual classroom systems besides physical classroom system, may be in future it will replace the existing education system. The report tells us what’s the students preference of virtual classroom. My hypothesis was “The Preference of Virtual Classroom”. According to the findings of this research paper the hypothesis stands true. My research shows that students really want a new kind of education system. They preferred virtual classroom a catalyst of education system. My research shows that now-a-days majority of the students demand the co-existence of both virtual classroom and traditional classroom as the way of education. They found Virtual classrooms are more accessible, flexible and convenient in their approach towards education, students and teachers.

First and foremost I would like to thank Allah, The most gracious the most merciful, for giving me this opportunity to write this thesis or research paper. I am grateful to the people who took part in my questionnaire for their cooperation. Then I would like to thank Md. Towkir Imam for taking his time to answer my questions. I am ever grateful to my instructor Mrs. Rafia Tahseen (Rft), faculty member of the English department, NSU for guiding me systematically in each step of preparation of the manuscript of the research paper. I highly appreciate her patience for scrutinizing the drafts thoroughly in time. Finally I am indebted to my parents who have helped me in making this paper possible, without their effort and determination I could not have made this far.

Concept of E-Learning With the ever-increasing popularity and accessibility of the Internet, it is only natural that the educational community should want to make use of this tremendous resource. Use of the Internet and Web are leading to significant changes in educational models. Effective exploitation of these changes requires adequate attention to understanding the technology, the educational processes and issues, student’s characteristics, etc. As this use of Internet is increasing, a traditional classroom has shifted to E-Learning. While advancements in communication tools were easily adapted to learning methods, it was the introduction of the personal computer and the development of the...
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