The Importance of Psychology in Business

Topics: Thought, Employment, Developmental psychology Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Importance of psychology in bussiness.....
I think psychology plays an important role in business there are many ways to utilize psychology in your business...if you have any concept about psychology of human being its easy for you to undersand the nature of your investor either he is optimistic or passimistic so at this level you can make him feeling more comfortable while investing in your business.When we are on any job interview its too much helpfull to us knowing psychology.We may observe their expressions either what quality of mine in being appriciated or not.On the other hand for a professional its necessary to know about the basics of psychology to devolp his/her own atitude towards his/her profession.For example if we are being prepared for a sales department our atitude should be different than in production deprtment.In HR(human recourse) department tha in mechanical it is not possible for us to devolp ourselves as a professional in different of a business firm.We can also motivate our employes to give their best.Psychology helps us in each and every feild of life while behaving with human being. Major implimentations of human psychology are given as under...

·Importance of human psychology as employer .
We have to deal with human beings as professionals in different segments of our business tirms. ·Importance of human psychology as employee.
Our employers,olleagues,Subordinates and imideate bosses they are also human being we also also have to copup with them in our daily business. ·Importance of human psychology in daily working.
In our daily working we have to copup with different people like customers,dealers contractors,imediate bosses e.t.c and we have to bring them on one point to show their best here human psychology helps us alot Thanks.... Syed Mazhar BBA Sectin-A
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