Why is Psychology Not Considered as Common Sense

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Theory Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Khalil Alston-Cobb 10/9/10
Mod 3B Psychology
Chapter 1 Essay
Much of psychology is not based on common sense, but on research, testing, and applications of theory. Experimental Psychology uses scientific methods and data in an effort to reach conclusions. In many ways, you can say psychology is not really an exact science, but that does not take away from the fact that psychology can also be based on scientific methods of research. It is a real science. Psychologists are extensively trained in research methods and statistics, and the field is closely associated with neuroscience. Psychology is very much about scientific research and testing. Many people think that it’s not, but it is, a real science. Still, I could see where this person would be coming from. As with many things about social sciences, it comes down to a debate like the nature vs. nurture debate. It could be argued that psychology is a science because it uses scientific methods such as the experimental method to support a hypothesis and that psychology is not just things we see everyday. However, sciences such as biology measure phenomenon which psychology does not do. Sciences use valid, repeatable, objective, subjective and reliable studies whereas psychology uses research methods such as case studies which cannot be repeated or can provide experimental data where as case studies can only be used on one person. Psychology has a wide variety of aspects; from the social side of understanding why people behave in a specific way to the biological side of understanding the neurology of behavior and what goes wrong in the biology of the brain in people with mental health disorders. Really, it is human biology and understanding the mechanics of human (and sometimes animal) behavior.

Psychologists attempt to explain the mind and brain in the context of real life. That is definitely not common sense.
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