Leadership-Case 3.1-a Strained Research Team

Topics: Problem solving, Leadership, Skills management Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Leadership -Case Study 3.1 -A strained Research Team
1.Dr.Wood has no human skills, this might affect his team and may lead to failure. 2.Based on the table, we can notice that Dr. Wood has excellent technical skills and conceptual skills but he has shown that he has no human skills. Human skills are very important to make people work as a team ,be motivated and achieve goals. Dr. Wood ’s behaviour with his colleagues will make them less motivated and will make them work less because he has transferred his frustration to his team members by saying in front of them that he regrets starting the project. This will crush their hope of achieving their goals and will prepare them to accept the idea that they will fail eventually. Dr. Wood lacks the human skill necessary to be the leader of his research team ,that’s why people are frustrated ,they work hard and they don’t find reward or praise or good comment on the big effort they arte making. That’s why the project will be closer to failure.

3.Dr. wood has great problem solving skills and has important knowledge but on his social judgment skills are very weak. Social judgement skills will help improve his interaction with the colleagues and makes him understand how they see things and what are their need. I suggest that he starts talking positively about his project and how successful it will be when it is finished, he should also start praising the members on their hard work ,encourage them to share knowledge and point of view and convince them that the goals are feasible and achievable and attainable.
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