The Importance of Latino Education

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Does it not seem that nowadays the concept of achieving good grades seems foreign to our generation? Most teenagers seem to be content with just a ‘D’, as long as it means “being able to get the heck out of here.” Never giving it their all, letting opportunities to aim higher melt away like snowflakes hitting bare concrete. Yet amongst us still linger the ones that haven’t been completely brain-washed by the mainstream. Whether you are blessed with a strong mutual support from home or not, it’s a test of self-worth and determination in getting the most out of your education. With many of us coming from a Latino heritage, it gets a bit tricky since our parents and grandparents had little or no education when they were young. That’s why we, the next generation, should fight even harder to regain what was lost and for the adults to try to catch on from the where they left off.

Whenever the school season comes around and it’s time to repurchase supplies, my parents always say “back in my day all we needed was a notebook, pencil, and maybe one textbook, with that we made it through the whole school year.” Interesting how the times have changed. In some of today’s modern cases that ‘one pencil,’ is instead being used to defile public property to the point where it becomes banned. Uniforms policies are created. Seems like some students decided to take advantage of the school environment, turn the tides their way and when it fails leave the rest to deal with the consequence. If only teens could be completely shocked into seeing what mistakes they were making, and should they continue where they’ll end up. So they can plan ahead and plan well. And for parents to see that they should be more much more attentive to their children’s education, that they should expect nothing but the best because the best is always within reach if you stretch towards it.

As with the importance of Latino education, it becomes so much more of a necessity here because we are still so new...
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