Pet Peeve

Topics: Blame, Want, Need Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: March 6, 2013
My pet peeve
“No I didn’t throw that paper, he did”. Did you ever get blamed for someone else’s mistake like, getting yelled at by a teacher for “talking” in class, even though it was the people around you. I hate it when people blame something on someone else even though they had nothing to do with it. I understand how they don’t want to get in trouble but I just get irritated by it because I got blamed for allot of things from my cousins sometimes, I know it was just to joke around with me but it was just annoying after a while. In elementary school I would see a bunch of kids just blaming this one girl for everything they did. I felt so bad for her because the teacher always really thought she did it, so she would get yelled at or get put in time out or something like that, but after that the teacher did find out so that was ok at the end but the kids still blamed things on other kids. It’s kind of understandable for elementary kids to do that since they are just kids still learning, but it’s dumb to see a bunch of high school kids still do it. It’s just so childish to see teenagers do the same thing a bunch of young kids do. It’s just like Sometimes people need to take responsibility for their own actions or just don’t do something stupid because you can’t get by in your whole life by just not taking responsibility for yourself. You think by the time you get a job and do it wrong you can just blame it on another person then, you need a reality check. I really just want for older kids to just act there age sometimes or just take the consequences of their own childish action.
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