Dehumanization in Schools

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April 8, 2010
Dehumanization in Schools
In my experience, discipline in high schools has always been over the top. From what I heard, it has gotten so much worse since I left. Now the students need not only uniforms (just a strict dress code really) but also I.D. tags that they have to wear around their necks like cattle. They are herded from one class to the next with teachers and rent-a-cops waiting down every hallway to prod along the stragglers. Even when I was there, a student needed a good reason to be anywhere, and even with hall passes they were hassled by monitors on patrol. In the morning when they first get there (at the ungodly hour of six A.M.) they are subjected to metal detectors, random searches, and the occasional patrol of drug-sniffing dogs. There is absolutely no trust in the system, because after all, they’re just children and are not ready or able to make their own decisions, barring the fact that once they leave High School they will be completely responsible for everything in college. You might argue that the kids do nothing to belay this attitude, that they all act immature and generally stupid, but that is only the minority of students. If they are treated with disrespect and mistrust, that is how they will act. For example, in college the professors treat their students as adults, not like the teachers claimed to do in high school, but the professors actually believe in their students maturity. In high school, the teachers claimed to treat their students as adults, but really they treated them as sexually mature children. A student had to work hard to earn any kind of trust, and even then it’s limited. A student has to ask permission to do everything, even use the bathroom. Often there was no time to get that out of the way between classes, especially because they locked the lavatories then. In my old high school, they made a sign in/out sheet so they had a detailed record of where you were going, why and how long you were there. It...
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