The Importance of Conflict

Topics: Conflict, Compromise, Argument to moderation Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: January 5, 2012
The Importance of Conflict

Could you imagine a world without conflict? What would happen to all the peace? If conflicts did not exist then there would be no reason for the word “compromise” because the only way to end a conflict is through a compromise. Conflicts have been a part of our history and they are involved in each one of our lives every day. A world without conflict is not physically possible because we are all different and we all believe and think differently, so there is bound to be an altercation at one point or another. Conflicts are inevitable but they can be managed, resolved, and they can even lead to new ideas or thoughts. Conflicts are important to have as a part of our lives because they teach us more about ourselves and others. We all have been through conflicts in our lives. Since the day we were born we were facing conflicts because we didn’t know how to communicate or feed ourselves. Eventually as we faced all these conflicts we eventually will pick up a social pattern and we can figure out how to try to avoid these conflicts. If anything conflicts are good for building tolerance because tolerance leads to acceptance and patience which are both useful qualities to have. The more conflicts you experience the more you will learn from them and either way you look at the conflict, there is always a lesson to be learned. There are various types of conflicts that can occur. They can be political, religious or personal. Political conflicts can be from deciding where the boarder lines of countries are to selecting which political campaign you want to support when election time is around the corner. Religious conflicts are very hard to settle because compromising between religions just cannot be done. There are 20 major religions throughout the world and if compromising was the answer to religious conflicts then there would not be 20 different religions. And then there are personal conflicts, the most annoying type of conflict. These...
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