Encountering Conflift

Topics: Religion, Conflict, Organizational conflict Pages: 3 (471 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Exploring Encountering Conflict :

When studying Encountering Conflict, there are some key questions that you will need to ask yourself in order to understand its concept. Those key questions are raised in this chapter, Exploring Encountering Conflict.

What is Encountering Conflict?

Conflict is omnipresent for every individual regardless of time and place. It is a fundamental part of human existence, leading back to the earliest forms of conflict where our human ancestors competed with other species for survival tools such as food and shelter. Nowadays, conflict has developed into multitudinous forms – from merely debating what to have for lunch to global issues such as climate change. Without conflict, our experiences in life would undoubtedly be less dynamic and vibrant. Conflict is an essential factor to shaping our identity. Our relationship with conflict defines who we are because we learn to formulate our own opinions and values. Conflict is a natural element in the world and although we may not notice each and every single time it presents itself, conflict is a part of our everyday lives.

Why does conflict occur?

Conflict occurs due to a number of reasons. Some common ones include:

Difference in beliefs, morals, values
Difference in culture, religion
Unmatched expectations
Exposure to the unknown/unfamiliar
Who encounters conflict?

Everyone encounters a range of conflicts during their life. However, every person’s experiences with conflict are different. Whether it’s the type of conflict, their involvement in a conflict, their response to conflict – it is unique to every individual. We are able to empathise with others when they experience conflict because we’ve been there ourselves. Think about your own experiences– have you been involved or observed a conflict within the past week?

What types of conflicts are there?

There are endless forms of conflicts, from mass-scale wars and political debates to personal one-on-one...
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