The Implication of Abortion

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  • Published: March 4, 2010
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Because of gender equality, incest and/or rape, economical factors, and the fact that abortion affects women disproportionately, abortions should not be banned. According to all of ethical belief and basic rights of a women to choose for herself as to whether she want the obligation of being a parent should be her choice. While it cannot be said whether an abortion is an unforgivable event, it is of course an unforgettable event. An abortion plays havoc with the psychology and the future life of the entire family. The woman who has lost her child, at any time between the pregnancy, will never be the same. While the woman may be the hardest hit by an abortion, one also has to think about the mental and emotional state of the entire family (D’Silva,2007). If a women is faced a dilemma of whether to have an unwanted pregnancy because of lack of adequate funds to take care of a child with the basic needs of life that should be her choice to terminate that pregnancy. Sometimes as my friends confessed to why they chose to have an abortion was that they had a choice of having to bring shame on their family, and not wanting to leave school because of making a dreadful mistake.

According to Bonnie Steinbeck ; the implication of abortion is that it is not seriously wrong to kill a non-conscious, non-sentient fetus where there is an adequate reason for doing so, such as not wanting to be pregnant. She began by presenting briefly the view of moral status that she takes to be correct, that is the interest view. The interest view limits moral status to beings who have interests and restricts the possession of interests to conscious, sentient beings (Waller p.268). Steinbeck argues that to focus on the so-called elective abortions that those women who chooses to avoid the burdens of child-rearing, pregnancy, and childbearing. Most opponents of abortion say that abortion is wrong because it is the killing of an innocent human being. They see no...
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