The Impact of Icts on Students Academic Performance at University

Topics: Education, Educational technology, Information technology Pages: 16 (4857 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Am Mdulla Allen M.
1.0 Introduction
This chapter presents the background of the problem, problem statement, objective of the study, research questions, limitations of the study, and definitions of the key terms as going to be used by the researcher of this work. 1.1Background of the problem

The development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is like a big challenge in Tanzania. This challenge, Tanzania has to overcome in order to provide quality education for all and ICT should be given high priority. The ministry of education and vocational training is promoting the introduction and interaction of ICT in the education sector in order to play an important part in improving the lives of people, students (learners) in creating a good a good performance and job opportunities in their future. The main purpose of ICT is to create a highly skilled and educated peoples or learners in the everyday life. Due to this, it is good to provide ICT tools like internet, computer and network hardware and software and other equipment and services associated with these technologies in order to go similar with globalization. So the integration of ICT in academic performance will help learners (students) to expanding learning opportunities and ensuring educational equality and relevance and many changes that occurring everyday in our lifelike globalization, education systems etc. Also the impact of ICT on students’ academic performance at SAUT and CBE is currently in relation to use of digital media, primary computers and internet to facilitate in learning. This means that direct link between ICT and students study habit and academic performance has been the focus of extensive literature during the last two decades. Some of them help students with learning by improving the communication between them and instructors (lecturers) (valasidou and bousiou, 2005) Barrat (1998) and Hinckley (2001) state that a central aim is to ensure students, such as those in the middle-years, acquire essential information skills appropriate to the knowledge society, and to nurture modes of learning or learning styles such as visual, auditory and to maximize the learning potential of individual student.

1.2Problem of the statement
The increasing of globalization, the information and communication technologies (ICTs) on students is highly needed in their studies because it is easy to believe that ICT has positive influence on learning and many students are convinced by ICT offer a better learning opportunities than traditional approaches. So the problem of ICT seems to be a big challenge to many students because it goes with globalization and globalization is currently on highly speed that make students to need more technology that will help them in getting information and facilitate easy communication in their learning. This ICT can facilitate an easy way of students to develop their knowledge by considering all digital media that are currently needed by the world at large now days. Hawaj, Elali, and Twizell (2008), state that ICT has the potential to transform the nature of education: where and how learning takes place and the roles of students and teachers in the learning process. Also karim and Hassan (2006) noted the exponential growth of digital information, which changes the way students perceive study and reading and in how printed materials are used to facilitate study. Also the government of Tanzania particularly the ministry of education and vocational training (MOEVT):- addresses the issue of ICT in education in order to improve the quality of delivery of education in all areas. MOEVT, 2007 believes that the issue of ICT in teaching and learning will represents a powerful tool with which to achieve educational and national development objectives. So ICTs seems to be a new system that emerge to education system at all level from primary to higher learning because of globalization, this led to...
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