The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership

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Leadership & Organization Development Journal
Emerald Article: Emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness Robert Kerr, John Garvin, Norma Heaton, Emily Boyle

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Emotional intelligence and
leadership effectiveness

EI and

Robert Kerr, John Garvin, Norma Heaton and Emily Boyle
School of Business Organisation and Management, University of Ulster, Newtownabbey, UK

Received June 2005
Revised September 2005
Accepted November 2005

Purpose – This paper investigates the relationship between managerial emotional intelligence (EI) levels and a rating of leadership effectiveness (subordinate ratings). Design/methodology/approach – The study involved administering the Mayer Salovey Caruso emotional intelligence test (MSCEIT) EI test to 38 supervisors within a large manufacturing organisation. Ratings of supervisory leadership effectiveness were assessed via subordinate ratings on an attitude survey detailing questions relating to supervisor performance. Altogether data were collated from a total of 1,258 survey responses.

Findings – The overall results of the data analysis suggest that half of the MSCEIT scores may act as a strong predictor of leadership effectiveness, particularly the branches within the experiential EI domain (r ¼ 0.50, p , 0.001). Interestingly, the relationship between supervisor ratings and the reasoning EI domain (r ¼ 2 0.12) was not as expected.

Practical implications – These findings endorse the validity of...
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