Emotional Intelligence: Self-Assessment

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Self-Assessment 4-2: Emotional Intelligence
Mark Orvidas
Walden University

I have to say that getting back to considering emotional intelligence has been a bit of a walk down memory lane. When I was working for J&J, I was invited to attend a leadership workshop on emotional intelligence. As you might imagine, and probably have experienced, there were many individual and group exercises. I particularly remember a talk given by Daniel Goleman, he stresses the social aspects of leadership, and how it emotional competencies may trump intellectual competencies once a certain knowledge threshold is achieved. Later, we all receive a personalized copy of his new book, Working with Emotional Intelligence, which was the fall of 1998. New Insights

Self-awareness is a basic competency that requires being in touch with our feelings, and using those feelings as a guide to decision making (Goleman, 1998). Being self-aware can help build self-confidence as a leader. While taking the assessment I felt like a Likert scale might be a more accurate scale since I found myself answering a version of “sometimes” to many questions (Nahavandi, 2012). Consequently, when this happened, I answered false, for to be “true” it should always be true. That said, my score on the self-awareness subsection was by far the worst (5 of 8). I realized that I really don’t create opportunities to learn about myself, nor do I analyze events that affect me. I usually don’t take things too personally and move on to the next challenge (unless it really was my fault!). I have to say that I scored pretty well in the other categories, none “perfect” and I think this is due to the fact the my job for the last 20+ years requires a high degree of self-motivation, self-regulation, understanding and above all, social skill: although, my next lowest score was social skills (12 of 15). I don’t do to well with handling difficult people, and I don’t feel like I am all that...
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