The Hungry Ocean

Topics: Fisherman, Problem solving, Traditional fishing boats Pages: 4 (1520 words) Published: September 15, 2012
The Hungry Ocean
Many people think that fisherman is one of the most male dominated, most dangerous professions and not suite for woman. However, Linda Greenlaw, the captain of the Hannah Boden, has proved herself that female can be a fisherman. She breaks the beliefs and superstitious that women are “Jonahs” (bad luck aboard boats) and also make the world realized that gender discrimination does not play a part on her career. As for being female, she says, "it hasn't been a big deal. I never anticipated problems stemming from being female…I have been surprised…by the number of people who are genuinely amazed that a woman might be capable of running a fishing boat. Frankly, I'm amazed that they're amazed" (58). As being a captain and had been fishing professionally for 15 years, Linda faced many obstacles and problems which forcing her to make good decisions in order to ensure the survival of the boat and reach her ultimate goal, which is to catch as many fish as possible, since the more fish she catches the more money she make. Sword fishing is not easy and very challenge for her. She has to use many supervision and leadership skills to manage the boat, crews and fishing during the month of the trip. Especially dealing with crew problems, she has to solve them as soon as possible in order to maintain her rule and teamwork, which is very important to make her trip run smoothly and reach her ultimate goal. However, even though Greenlaw did not expect of what will happen with her crew during offshore but she has proved herself that she has an ability to cope with them in the effective and efficiency way. Therefore, showing she has capability to cope with crew problems and maintain teamwork among of crews, there are some significant troubles that challenge Greenlaw, which are a striking her irresponsible crew, racial problem between her crewmember and the health problem of her 40-year-old crew.

One of the three significant crew problems that Greenlaw faced, is...
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