Battle to Save the Seas

Topics: Want, Food, Spiny lobster Pages: 1 (462 words) Published: January 19, 2011
Once upon a time there lived a naughty boy who lived in a cottage near the sea with his parents that loved polluting the sea. His parents were one of his biggest inspirations when it came to polluting the sea. Every time they needed to dump garbage, they’d dump it in the sea. Soon the sea was filthy and organism died so therefore, it caused them lack some food too because they loved eating fishes from the sea that was nearby. The most important issue is we need to keep the sea clean. People of every kind who don’t take value, pride and withhold the possessions of the sea will have no respect for it. So therefore, we need to battle to save the sea. People will just literally dump any spoiled food items, household stuff etc. into the sea. They’ll just have a don’t care attitude about and towards the sea. We need to enforce strict regulations on people who love to dump trash in the sea. It they’re caught doing so, they should pay a high fine that they can’t afford and be thrown into jail. Secondly we need to battle to save the sea because the sea is a gift from God, not human. With the nature of the sea, tourists are attracted by it which helps to grow and benefit from our number one industry “Tourism”. Once tourist see that our seas are filthy and unprotected, they won’t feel pleasant coming to our island ever again. Soon we’ll even lose our number one industry for a lifetime. We are way too much dependent on tourism, we wouldn’t want it to shut down forever nor do we? The tourists love to snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and fishing in the beautiful seas. So why wouldn’t we want to fight to save it? After all the sea contains all our living creatures, those that survive in water. We’ll lose our queen conch, groupers and spiny lobsters which will affect our agriculture and marine industries. We wouldn’t be able to export and make profits from our spiny lobsters etc. We also wouldn’t be able to eat seafood which is where our Bahamian dishes mainly come from....
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