Sci275 Water Resource Plan

Topics: Water, Pollution, Waste Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Water Resource Plan
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Water pollution has become a major problem in our water sources. People think that when they litter or dump in our waters that their little contribution will not hurt anything, but everyone’s little contributions add up to some major problems. Our water ecosystems and the species that reside in them are being destroyed and we need to take the steps necessary to stop this. Why would anyone use the source of most of the world’s food as a dumping ground for garbage? People need to start realizing what it is they are doing when they do not take the proper steps to dispose of their garbage and the problems they are making for the future.

Water pollution can come from many different sources. Not only does it come from people dumping their garbage into our bodies of water but it can also come from sewage and wastewater runoff, industrial waste, oil pollution, underground storage leakages, and radioactive waste. Global warming is even causing water pollution. ( Pesticides, fertilizers, oil, gasoline, and mining are just a few of the harmful sources of wastewater runoff that flow into our rivers and lakes from being left behind on the ground. ( All these things can be prevented and I would like to propose a plan to do exactly this.

To stop water pollution, we must stop the dumping. The first phase of my plan is to not only post signs and “NO DUMPING” warnings near every major body of water but also to put into effect a major fine for any person caught dumping their wastes. Now how to enforce such a fine and catch the perpetrators? I propose to put “rangers” along the banks of any body of water where dumping is known to take place. This would not only provide more jobs for the people in these hard economic times but it would also be a source of income to pay these workers and to help enforce these new laws. With more workers keeping an eye out for such people, the...
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