“the Humana Resource Manager an Managing Multiple Responsibilities”

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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“The Humana Resource Manager an Managing Multiple Responsibilities”

Case Study 1

Tajuana Wilson
California Miramar University

Sam Lennox is a human resource manager of the Lakeview plant of Supreme Textile Corporation. Supreme Textile Corporation owned and operated five plants. Sam started with Supremes’ Eastern plant right after college and progressed rapidly through the company. He was promoted to personnel manager. His project is now to implement the management by objectives (MBO) program. He wanted to implement supervisor training programs, simplify the employee record system, address employee grievance problems which included weak supervisors, poor working conditions, and poor communications and morale. Various job related problems and issues arose during the day that Sam seemed to ignore or forget about, while out to lunch and daydreaming. He quickly realized on his drive home that he didn’t accomplish much during the day, which made him feel guilty. He started to realize that while his plans for work as a manager where well intentioned, he wasn’t accomplishing much. He struggled with the work life balance and time management. Human resource management consists of numerous activities. What areas were illustrated by Sam’s schedule on this particular day? There are several activities that Sam illustrated that day. He was concerned with training and development, labor relations, employee recruitment, motivation and human resource planning. (Ivancevich pg 5) At the start of the day his thoughts were on the employees and implementing a system, management by objectives, which would improve the work setting and skill level of employees. He wanted to address grievances as well as hire more people for the shortage he had in some departments due to no shows. He was concerned with simplifying the records system and training the supervisor’s. List the areas of ineffective management and time robbers that are affecting Sam. Some areas of...
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