The Hotel Industry in Spain

Topics: Hotel, Hotels, Hospitality industry Pages: 58 (22213 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Tunde Lukacs
Marketing Economist
International Business Academy
Kolding, Denmark

AuthorTünde Lukács| SubjectAP Degree Thesis| Date to hand in10th of August| | Number of characters (incl. space)124.998| LanguageEnglish| TitleAttracting new customers|
SubtitleHow can the possible Nordic customers boost the income of the hotel?| SchoolInternational Business Academy, Kolding, Denmark|
Study programmePA Degree in Marketing Economics|
Project SupervisorIvan Hassingaard|
Signature of the AuthorTunde LukacsCarl Plougs vej, ___________________________________6000, Kolding, Denmark|

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction6
1.1The hospitality industry6
1.2The hospitality industry in Tenerife7
1.3Introduction of the company9
Chapter 2 – Problem proposal12
Chapter 3 Methodology15
Chapter 4 –What does the Quality Department involve at Sol Princesa Dácil? 17
1.The internal customer17
1.1Organizational structure of Sol Princesa Dácil Hotel18
1.2Organizational culture19
1.3Anaysis of the survey made for the employees22
2.The hotel’s guests, clients24
2.1Market segmentation and target marketing26
2.2COM model for the Scandinavian market27
Chapter 5 – Theoretical background31
Internal analysis31
1.BCG matrix31
2.Porter’s generic strategy33
3.Value reference model (VRM)34
3.1 Research and development:35
3.2 Design:36
3.3 Production:37
3.4 Marketing and sales:37
3.5 Services:38
3.6 Distribution:40
External analyse44
1.Porter's Diamond44
1.1Factor conditions44
1.2Home demand conditions45
1.3Firm Strategy, Structure, and Rivalry46
1.4Related and Supporting Industries46
2.Porter’s 5 forces46
2.1Threat of new entrants- entry barrier47
2.2Threat of substitutes48
2.3Bargaining power of the buyers49
2.4Bargaining power of the suppliers49
3.SWOT analysis51
4.Service marketing mix - 7 P’s56
2.1Characteristics of the service companies56
2.2The service-profit chain57
2.37 P’s58
2.3.7Physical evidence63
Chapter 6 – Change Management Process64
1.Kotter’s model64
Chapter 7 - Conclusion67
Chapter 8 - Bibliography69

Chapter 1

1.1 The hospitality industry

As I always was fascinated by the Latin culture and the Spanish language, I decided to make my internship in Spain. After looking for the most suitable business sector where I can imagine myself working in, I find the most challenging one the hospitality industry. Travel and tourism nowadays is a fundamental part of the world economy. It is the largest and fastest-growing sector, as more than 800 million people are travelling every year and the researches are showing further increase of the present percentage. Therefore travel and tourism is the world's number one employer and represents more than 10% of global spending. When talking about hospitality, it’s essentially to mention not only the huge range of hotels, resorts and restaurants, but also the country clubs, theme parks, entertainment centres, spas, casinos, travel agencies, car rentals, etc. The combination of these signifies the hospitality industry. Over the past 30 years the industry and the market changed rapidly and it continues to build up new needs. The globalization made it possible that people have a greater possibility to choose between different kinds of services and products. On the other hand the advanced technology contributed to the fact that business...
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