The Great Escape

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11.0 Project outcome

To determine if the project was successful, the initial objectives would need to be satisfied and achieved. Objectives are set so they can be measured against the project outcomes once the project has been completed. However, there is a problem with objectives which is when the project progresses, there is not always a complete initial link connecting the objectives developed at the beginning to the ones that are developed through the life of the project.

The objectives set at the beginning can sometimes be too broad or not well thought out as they may be unrealistic or unachievable. Or it is possible that ‘gaps emerge between what is wanted and what is possible’ (Healy, 1998, p. 250-266). It is the job of the manager to develop the project and deal with the gaps effectively and efficiently. In the great escape they learnt that the expectations at the beginning of the project were ultimately very different to the life of the project.

Appendix 2 highlights the main mission of the Great Escape project which was to be free from imprisonment, return home and toy and harass the enemy with their escape. It could be argued that it was both successful and unsuccessful, taking into consideration different factors and dependent on the highest purpose objective and aim of the escape.

The actual escape attempt did not run precisely to plan due to the tunnel being short of the forest. This caused many repercussions for the Project Manager and the team. It could be seen as unsuccessful due to this, and due to the fact that barely any of the POWs actually escaped and the majority that had escaped were killed.

However, this being said they still harassed and toyed with the enemy with their many attempts to escape and with the final ‘great escape’. Although, not all of them made the escape or survived it, they still antagonised the enemy which ultimately was what they had set out to do.

The project manager succeeded as he worked together...
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