Principles of Software Engineering

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Principles of Software Engineering

By | August 2010
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1. Describe each law in your own words. Illustrate with a practical example.

Glass’ law

Glass law states that the “Requirement deficiencies are the prime source of project failures”. He says that collecting the requirements of a project is the first step which leads to complete the project successfully. Robert Glass made several researches and investigated the failed projects and concluded the above statement. The main problem in a failure project is the lace of requirements, eighter the requirements Provided incorrectly or not paid more attention at their definition. Goal setting are important for a project. The unsolved problem for the project failure is ignoring the requirements definition. Robert Glass provided many evidences to justify his statement based on case studies of three failed projects. For example consider the baggage handling system for the Denver airport, the requirements are incomplete, unclear and many are not useful. In this case the city of Denver has given the requirements without consulting its users (Airlines Company). So in an effort to recover the mistake they built 3 different luggage handling systems one each for two major airlines and the third one for all the other airlines.

Boehm’s first law

Boehm first law states that “Errors are most frequent during the requirements and design activities and are the more expensive the later they are removed”. Generally errors made while collecting the requirements and developing a project. Questions arise when analysing those errors, these questions leads to put in an extra work in checking each and every phases of the project. Most errors occur in early phase of the project (i.e.) the requirements and design errors. If the developer does not know the actual domain then the project will fail. The cost of the error depends on when it is removed. The earlier it is removed the lower the cost. He also provided evidences by analysing many case studies; he made research on software errors...

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