The Narrow Escape

Topics: Trade union, Taxi Driver, Strike action Pages: 3 (1186 words) Published: February 26, 2013
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3: You are a member of the Taxi Cab Union during the General Strike of 1958. Give an account of your experiences during the strike.

As I sat down reading a novel and watching my grandchildren, I observed how things have become so different from when I was their age. My mind started to wonder back to the General Strike of 1958. My palms started to sweat and I started to tremble as I recalled the events of that memorable day. I decided to relax and pick up the newspaper in which I saw that it was the anniversary of the trade unions. I was being reminded at all points of this life-changing event and it was starting to take place all over again in my mind. Life had been hard for the black population from years before. I was working as a taxi driver just trying to make a dollar for me and my family. Many blacks were not allowed to voice their opinions unless they were a part of the “chosen few”. Unfortunately that didn’t include me and so I was among those who were at the bottom level. My family and I lived in an old hut located on Baillou Hill Road. My wife along with our 3 kids needed to be taken care of. I hardly made enough money to provide for all of us but it would always be the right amount to keep us going. Taxi Cab drivers had become fed up and wanted to take action over the way that we were being treated. We as drivers decided that it was time for change. Everything started to take a turn for the worst when the government declared the deal on November 1st with the white tour companies. The white tour companies were now allowed to take people back and forth to the newly built airport. At the break of all of this, I knew that my family and I were in complete danger. Our valuable customers now preferred the more upgraded taxis which offered a better looking taxi and lower taxi rates. We were more than blessed to have the new union leaders to come to our rescue. As I recall, the President at that time was Sir...
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