The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company

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The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company

By | Jan. 2013
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The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company
Company’s briefly introduction
Once one of the biggest baggers of groceries in the US, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P) has been reduced to a shrinking portfolio of regional grocery chains. It now runs about 300 supermarkets in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and three other eastern states. In addition to its mainstay 80-store A&P chain, the company operates five banners: Pathmark, Waldbaum's, Superfresh, Food Emporium, and Food Basics. A&P acquired its longtime rival in the Northeast, Pathmark Stores, for about $1.4 billion, but the purchase failed to reverse A&P's lagging fortunes. Indeed, A&P in 2012 emerged from 15 months bankruptcy after a financial restructuring and closing 75 stores. More from Wikipedia:

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, better known as A&P, is a supermarket and liquor store chain in the United States. Its supermarkets, which are under six different banners, are found in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. A&P's liquor stores, known as Best Cellars, are found in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia.[2] A&P's corporate headquarters are in Montvale, New Jersey.[3] Supermarket News ranked A&P #19 in the 2010 "Top 75 Food Retailers and Wholesalers" based on 2009 fiscal year estimated sales of $9.1 billion.[4] Based on 2009 revenue, A&P was the 34th largest retailer in the US.[5] From 1915 through 1975, it was the largest food retailer in the nation (until 1965, the largest US retailer of any kind).[6] A&P is considered an American icon.[7] The Wall Street Journal, in an editorial on December 10, 2010, said that "A&P was as well known as McDonald's or Google is today" and that A&P was "Wal-Mart before Wal-Mart."[8] What is now A&P began in 1859; it established a small chain of retail tea and coffee stores in New York City and a national mail order business. It grew...

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