The Four Major Trends for Mainframe Replacement

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  • Published : January 17, 2011
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The Four Major Trends for Mainframe Replacement

The Four Major Trends for Mainframe Replacement
As software trends change with the time so will the technologies that they run off of and the platforms they use to operate on. One of those technologies is mainframes and the cost to operate these in the traditional sense comes at a very high cost. The solution is to migrate to a Linux/Unix solution; this can potentially drop total cost of ownership by 77%. Since money is the driving factor in nearly all business decisions it is not hard to see the benefit of migrating to the open source solutions.

One of the many advantages to Linux/Unix running on the mainframe is that organizations can significantly reduce the time-to-market of new IT solutions and services through application modernization projects and, in particular, through application migration projects (Pedgen, 2010). Being able to update on the fly is a huge advantage to companies that rely on the data network to successfully operate there day to day operations, this is due in large part to it minimizing down time.

Linux/Unix can come in a variety of iterations so it is important to fully inspect the needs and goals of the company when making the decision on which to use. Many companies find solace in the fact that the cost to of ownership is low but they need to take in to account the lack of support that comes with such open source solutions but the fact is that most companies will benefit financially even after implementation.

Retail is a good example of how Linux can be used on many different levels throughout an organization. The different levels associated can be anything from warehouse logistics to in store daily operations like inventory. Also having the ability to cusotmize programs for each level of the organization creates a more efficient flow of operations by exploited redundancies in typical off the shelf softwares that are available.

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