The Four Goals of Psychology

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  • Published : December 12, 2010
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The Four Goals of Psychology

I would like to talk about the four goals of psychology and if I believe they help or hare humanity. The four goals of psychology are description, explanation, prediction, and changing. I will talk about each of them in order and try to put them in as much detail as I can.

The First goal I would like to talk about is description. When psychologist are describing behavior they are attempting to understand what is normal, acceptable, and if it is unhealthy or not. The behavior that they mostly try to observe is thoughts, feelings, goals, attitudes, motivations, actions and reactions to their surroundings. They use test, studies, and exc., to try to explain human behavior. I personally think this is important for goal for psychology. If they wouldn’t try to describe human behavior they wouldn’t be able to start trying to figure out why they are the way they are.

The second goal is explanation of behavior. Explanations are usually limited because most of the time it is culturally restricted. Explanation is often determined through qualitative and quantitative observation, including explanation. I think this very important to psychology. If weren’t able to give an explanation to why someone has the behavior that they do, and there probably wouldn’t psychology.

The third goal of psychology is prediction. Psychology tries to predict human behavior. They try to predict it so that they can determine how or when a person will make a good or bad choice or how they will perform in their surroundings. I think this is good and bad to have in psychology. I believe that sometimes you can predict how someone’s behavior might be based on their past history, but it doesn’t always work. For example if a student had a hard time in high school with writing papers and paying attention and then they go to college, doesn’t mean that they are going to have the same problem. Who knows they might actually be more focused in class.

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