A Journey Through Schools of Thought

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Cognition Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: April 26, 2013
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Schools of thought
The date is 2023 and the world of psychology has changed so much over the years. When people look back to the beginning of psychology they cannot believe the schools of thought that was written about. This paper will take you on a journey through the birth and life of psychology. You will see how one school of thought lead to another and how we got to The School of today called Successism. Travel back in time to see how we got to where we are today and taking a little success from each school of thought has gotten us to the Successism.

Paradigm Structuralism
The first school of thought, structuralism was encouraged by Wilhelm Wundt. Structuralism was about breaking down mental processes into their basic components. Wundt wanted to find the atoms of conscious experiences. Interception was one of the major building blocks in structuralism for analyzing the inner processes that went on in the human mind. Wundt believed that only by breaking mental processes down this way could they categorically be scrutinized properly. Functionalism

Functionalism was borne in reactions to structuralism. William James pushed this paradigm and promoted it the most, and therefore is called the spokesmen of functionalism. Functionalism did not want to break down thoughts and conscious to the smaller parts, but instead functionalism was to help us understand the functions of the parts. In functionalism we want to see how the parts function while they work. The difference between functionalism and structuralism can be understand by thinking of Structuralism worker would take a race car apart to study how it works, while functionalism would want to watch the race car in action to understand how it works.

B. F. Skinner is is recognized as a very well-known behaviorist, but the title of father of Behaviorism goes to John...
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