The Fable of the Lazy Sons

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The fable I chose is called “X Marks the Spot.” This fable is about an old man who is dying, and has three lazy sons. The father owns a large land, that was a vineyard. As the old man was on his deathbed he told his sons that he has buried a treasure in the vineyard. The three lazy sons were shot with energy and happiness, that they started to dig and try to find the treasure through out the entire vineyard. As the three sons fully dug the vineyard, they couldn’t find the treasure. After a couple of days the vineyard was filled with grapes, because the digging, that the boys had done has cultivated the ground. The lazy sons became very wealthy.

The father can be accused of lying, but in a way he had not. The father knew that the vineyard would not be cultivated and taken care of while he was gone, because his sons were so lazy. He had to tell them that there was a treasure. He told the truth. The sons did not become lazy, because they worked hard. Their hard work is what made them wealthy. The meaning of this story is to always be a hard worker and not to be lazy. This fable showed that being a hard worker can make you very successful in life.

Applying this story to my life is very essential. This story is perfect for high school. High School is the four years that will prepare you for college. If I want to get into a good college and possible a scholarship, I must be a hard worker and do it right. I only have to do this once so why not make the best of it and make sure i never have to do it again. By being a hard worker I can go to a great college, save money by getting a scholarship, and then be very successful through life.
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