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Topics: Education, High school, School Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Summary: In the story "I Just Want to be Average" by Mike Rose, Rose, talks about his his past schooling experience and how his experience at Mercy nearly ruined him as a student. He narrates his story of his peers in the vocational learning classes and how his teachers responded or failed to respond to their needs as students. The various situations Mike experienced all centered around one main thing and that was a lack of effort, by the students and teachers both.

Response: This story is a really good motivational piece and made me realize that students should take advantage of every opportunity that’s presented in front of them. Rose describes how school wasn’t important he didn’t pay attention and he did just enough to get by. In high school there are students that just do enough to pass the class. They wouldn’t have the mindset of going to college because no one in their family has ever gone beyond high school. Students that do just enough to get by have the mindset that school is “bullshit of course, is everything you – and the others – fear is beyond you: books, essays, tests, academic scrambling, complexity, scientific reasoning philosophical inquiry.” Pg5.

Analysis: In this story Rose describes not only the problems with Vocational Education, but the effects it has on kids who spend their entire educational career in voc. Ed. (as he calls it), as well as those who, like himself, get high enough scores on standardized tests to take higher-level classes. He shows these points by describing coping mechanisms that kids develop to make up for their lack of a real education as well as those for the knowledge that they are in the bottom of the class and will be for the rest of their lives. Instead of getting a more indepth education to bridge the gap they get wimpy education that just doesn't suffice. Rose’s purpose, therefore, is to bring to light the problems with this program and others like it to try to catalyze some change.
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