The Effects of Tv on Children

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Television is the cheapest and most popular form of entertainment nowadays. There is almost a TV set in every household. People of all ages can use it to entertain themselves at any time they like. It is clear that television is very useful in our life because it helps us not only to relax our minds but also to get knowledge of all areas of human life. However, nobody could deny its negative effects on its viewers especially children. Watching TV constantly might lead children to several useless habits such as ignoring useful activities, having bad behaviors and violent actions, and having a poor health.

The first negative effect of television on children is making them ignore useful activities. As children are addicted to watching TV, they spend most of their time watching it. As a result, they spend less time on other activities such as reading and studying. Some children read books or do their homework in front of the TV set. Others do their homework quickly so that they can have more time to watch TV. In addition, many children like spending their leisure time staying at home and sitting in front of a TV set. They do not care outside activities that can benefit them more. They are not also interested in enjoying their hobbies or taking part in a club where they have a chance to contact people and enrich their personality. Therefore, they cannot develop the art of conversation and lack the communication with the outside world. This makes them become shy and less self-confident when contacting people around.

The second negative effect of television on children is making children get bad behavior and violent actions. Because of the fact that there is a variety of TV programs nowadays and it is not possible to enforce any censorships on them, children are easily affected by them. They imitate impolite, immoral behavior and coarse language of bad characters in movies. Especially, actions and violent movies from foreign counties...
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