Tv Is Bad for You

Topics: Krispy Kreme, Junk food, Television Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: May 16, 2011
TV is Bad for You
Many people around the world spend tireless hour staring at the TV screen every single day. TV is becoming like a drug, people are addicted to it! TV’s can expose to us the weather forecast, sports and global events. TV’s also can give quality entertainment, education programs and something to look forward to after a harsh day. Though there are advantages, there are also many more disadvantages to watching TV. The passage from ‘Small screen big trouble’ about the crime wave of the Bhutan clearly shows the negative impact from TV. An editorial warns: “We are seeing for the first time broken families, school dropouts and other negative youth crimes. We are beginning to see crime associated with drug users all over the world –shoplifting, burglary and violence.” This editorial warning was shown after the Bhutan had free access to the TV. Firstly, TV can ‘brainwash’ people, youths especially. The study by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that children aged between 2-18 years spend an average of 5 hours ½ watching TV every day. That’s around a third of the time an average person is awake for. Watching 3 or four hours of TV everyday can develop your mind to abnormal levels of uncertainty. In fact according to a researcher, three in five percent of children in the US were diagnosed with attention "deficit disorders", this unnatural level leads to laziness, restless, and impulsiveness. Watching long hours of TV also leads the loss of clear eyesight. Secondly, watching the TV can give negative impacts on children’s behaviour and education. According to a researcher, the children in grade 4 who had a TV in their bedrooms achieved lower scores than children who did not have one. Poor study was also linked to the increasing numbers of aggressive behaviour in children such as bullying. Children often stay up late for late night shows which often have inappropriate themes and can also affect their sleep. Children that are not sleeping well are more...
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