The Effects of Tourism and Its Impact in the Philippines.

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The effects of tourism and its impact in the Philippines.

Is the proliferation of mega malls in the Philippines beneficial to the country? Why?
For me, the rapid growth of mega malls in the PH is not that beneficial to the country because it takes away the opportunities for other small time investors to produce and to build new businesses. There will be less opportunity for others who want to build their own business because of the monopoly they are creating and the center of market. Having the tagline “We’ve got it all for you” , it would just have bad effects for other businesses because many of the consumers will have a mindset of not to go to other stores they will just simply go to these mega malls and it would be a great lost for other shops outside it. So for me, these mega malls should be regulated and the government must set limits for them. Discuss the impacts of tourism destination to a country and relate the positive and negative impacts of tourism.

There are many impacts of tourism to a country. It may be economically or environmentally. Based on the positive impacts of tourism on the economy of a country are: • Increased domestic income and foreign currency earnings • Economic multiplier effect

• Increased employment
• Improved infrastructure
While it’s negative impacts on the economy are:
• A leakage occurs in tourism when money is lost from a destination area. This could be because the hotels are owned by companies that operate in other countries and the profits are taken away from the local area. • Decline of traditional employment and seasonal unemployment. •Increased living costs.

Tourism has a large impact on the environment, because for me it destroys the natural beauty and magnificence of a certain place if not taken care and if the government fails to protect its natural beauty.

Do you think global financial crisis affected the airline industry (explain)?
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