The Effects of Computers and Television on Chidren

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  • Published : September 26, 2010
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The Effects of Computers and Television on Children
These days televisions and computers are all around us. They can be accessed by children at school and in most homes. The effects of these on our children can be positive or negative depending on how they are used.

There are four areas of development that are affected by children’s home computer use: physical, cognitive and academic, social and relationships, and reality perception. Some studies have shown that children who spend more time on the computer are at greater risk of seizures, hand injuries, and obesity (Subrahmanyan et al 125). Video games fall into this same category; increase in the child’s heart rate is added to the risks. A study of 35 children who were having seizures decreased the amount of time they played video games each day instead of taking medication. Children with photosensitive epilepsy have increased risk of seizures because of quick flashing images on the screen called “flicker frequencies” (Subrahmanyan et al 127).

Hand injuries are also very common among people who are on the computer or gaming systems for long periods of time each day. One injury that is a result of playing games where the thumb is used most is called Nintendinitis. It is caused by pressing buttons repeatedly while playing computer and video games. Adults are given instruction to reduce injury. Children should be given some of the same instructions such as properly positioned equipment and to take frequent breaks from the computer (Subrahmanyan et al 127). Obesity is another major risk involved when playing video or computer games. Children can sit for hours playing a game never moving but to grab a few chips, a cookie, or a drink of their coke. Lack of physical exercise combined with the constant eating causes drastic weight gain. Research has shown that 25 percent of our countries children are overweight. Studies have proven that obesity has been linked with watching television five hours or more each...
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