Effects of Too Much Technology in Children

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  • Published : January 24, 2011
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Reed Snyder
Pd. 6 English
Effects of Too Much Technology in Children
The effects of technology can be serious; from children not making it outside to ADD and ADHD. Most children spend more time in front of a television than they do playing outside with friends (“TV”). As more technology comes out every day, we have to set a limit for children.

Being around too much technology can eventually affect you mentally. There are a lot of things now that could bring on ADD or ADHD, but there could be another cause. Studies have shown that technology is starting to play a major part. A study at Iowa State University showed that people who play video games for more than two hours a day have double the chances of developing an attention disorder (Pytel). Using too much technology can definitely affect someone mentally.

Another setback about using too much technology is that it’s driving children away from going outside and playing with friends. Some children’s only contact with nature is through Discovery Channel or Nation Geographic Channel. You will barely ever see kids playing at the local park anymore. Not only has too much technology lead to driving kids away from nature, but also childhood obesity, laziness, and addiction to games and internet because of it. Parents need to take action and take their kids outside instead of letting them sit in front of a TV all day long (Mehta). Taking action is a must in order for kids to get away from the technological world.

A big part of kids not making it outside is because of the media world advertising things electronic. Nowadays, everything from a cereal box to a TV show or commercial is advertising either a game or a TV show. Something’s advertise online virtual worlds that you can make your own “you”. Not only could this bring your child to more technology, but let them live in a virtual world and not the real world. Companies make online games that you have to tend to every day or you will...
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