The Effective Manager

Topics: Management, Time management, Communication Pages: 13 (2813 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Self-reflection report of learning
‘The Effective Manager’

Author & Student No. Jie Guo 03072117
Module lecture: Sue Anderson
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1. Introduction 3 2.1 Time Management 3 2.2 Communication4
2.3 Decision Making6
3. Conclusion7
4. Reference8
5. Bibliography9
Appendix1. First thing First --- Four- quadrant map 10 Appendix 2. Mind Map – My Happy Life 11 Appendix 3. Mind Map - ‘The Effective Manager’12
Appendix 4. Action Plan13

1. Introduction
The radical and rapid changes of external business environment bring more challenges for managers. They are involved in more complex and demanding business and perform various roles and tasks. (Alvesson &Willmott, 2001) Therefore, in modern societies, managers are required to be more effective in their daily performance.

This report is a self- reflection from learning ‘The Effective Manger’ module. I find it is a very practical module that teaches me a lot of skills to be an effective manager. The famous quote from Confucius says ‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand’. (Robbins & Hunsaker. 1996) I think this saying exactly described what I feel after studying this module. From learning there are three topics inspired me want to know better, they are time management, communication and decision making. I will explain the reason why I feel they are relevant to me, and apply the theory to evaluate how I should improve in the future.

2.1. Time management
Time management is an essential self-management skill which is important for both mangers and me to possess. Griffin (2005:22) believes that effective managers usually have a good time management skills. It ‘refers to the manager’s ability to prioritise work, to work efficiently, and to delegate appropriately.’ The ineffective time management is due to the failure of priorities tasks. To prioritise a task need to decide consciously, because Rees & Porter (2001) think the inappropriate prioritisation can in some cases affect the survival of a company. To do this it may be helpful of using Mind Map to write down all the tasks, so managers can see the whole picture of the things they need to do. After this stage, managers are then able to logical sequence the tasks by making a distinction between the importance and urgency of a task. Covey et al (1995) introduced a four-quadrant map (Appendix 1) relating the two elements, which can help managers allocate their task logically.

Time management is my weakness, although I understand the importance of time management, I always fail to plan and fail to follow. End up as my life always in rushing and in disorder. It is became worse when the time I study more intensive Master course in university this year, I have to cancel my commitment in university’s society and reduce the time spending with my friends. I feel my whole life is only about studying, and the most sadly is even only one thing, I could not manage probably. I am very easy driven by the deadline of one assignment and have no time to prepare the other classes. Until one time I attend a tutorial, I could not bear the feeling that I am not able to involve in the discussion. I decided to rearrange my time effectively.

The module teaches me the practical way of time management and the things I need to concern. I realise that the reason I fail before is because my plan is not logically arranged and not feasible to achieve. Besides, I did not know I can use action plan to be more self-disciplined. In one tutorial, my lecture introduces Mind Map to arrange our time. After the class I applied the method draw a ‘My life Mind Map’ (Appendix 2), I analyse and prioritise the things I...
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