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Reflective People Management

Assessment 1
Personal Development Plan

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2 3.Where I want to be.
4.Where am I now?
5.How am I going to get there?
6.How am I going to monitor and review my progress?7
7 8.Action Plan.
8 9.Appendices.

9.1 Belbin exercise results
9.2Honey and Mumford exercise
9.3 Domain Mapping exercise


13 11.Bibliography14

Personal Development Plan

“If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” - Jim Rohn (cited @
1. Introduction
The scope of this report will be to outline and support personal development needs raised through a variety of indicators relating to my strengths and weakness’.

The aims and objectives of this report are to critically analyse my strengths and weakness’ through SWOT analyses, and additional material to generate a strategy to improve my learning styles. This will be achieved through continuing professional development (CPD).

Henderson (2008) defines CPD as;

“a continuing process of personal growth by which individuals improve their capability at work and realise their potential”

Past papers have discussed a need for employees to commit to CPD in view of a continually changing environment. This is now irrefutable and under the current economic and social climates CPD is a necessity in order to progress. (Farmer and Campbell, 1997)

‘Many employers now value ‘learning agility’ as a core competency’ -CIPD, 2008

Peter Drucker (1909-2005) is credited with defining the term ‘knowledge worker’ in early 1960’s with his theory being based on companies developing into knowledge based organisations. Drucker (1993) considered that individual knowledge and application has replaced capital and natural resources as basic assets.

Employers set the onus of CPD on individuals perceiving this as a key management strategy to maximise staff potential. Benefits, from an Employers perspective, range from Human Resources setting achievable objectives through to CPD motivating staff morale and providing positive organisational image and brand (CIPD, 2009)

2. Where I want to be

My current employment role has been consistent for a number of years and I feel ready for a new challenging role. The MBA program has presented a range of tasks which will challenge my career and personal aspirations.

From my own career perspective, these tasks include examining my existing managerial skills whilst introducing new attributes and thought processes. Personal benefits from CPD include building confidence and credibility, achieving career aims using personal improvement, being proactive to change by upgrading skills, and being more productive and efficient to highlight gaps in skill, knowledge and experience using self reflection. As identified from SWOT exercises (See appendix 9.5; pg’s 15-20) I should address a number of weaknesses by adopting a self reflection at this stage in my development towards my goals. (CIPD, 2009)

My goals are categorised to be short, medium and long term ambitions.

My short term goals are to work towards strengthening my weakness while ensuring that my strengths are enhanced. Career goals include accepting colleague’s inputs, opinions and developmental...
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