An Effective Organizational Leader

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An Effective Organizational Leader
Gregory Young
Organization Theory
Dr. Allen Lowery

Assuming different roles within a job setting can be difficult, and at times it can be fairly easy. Within law enforcement changes are bound to happen and how you perceive the change is very crucial to the department, or that particular unit. Officers that you deal with sometimes do not feel very apprehensive to change. It then becomes a characteristic of the leader to help with the new move or change. Many times because you are the leader, how you deal with situations will impact how your subordinates deal with the same situations. A team, unit, or department will function very efficiently if they know that trust and respect is a part of the working relationship. Relationships are very important in team building.

Being a leader is not an easy task. There are many traits one must have before calling themselves a competent successful leader. Not having some of these characteristics doesn’t mean you are not considered a worthy leader. Successful leaders are a work in progress. Characteristics of a successful leader include:

KnowledgeableCharacterLeads by example
IntegritySelf-ControlGood work ethic
EncouragingCaringHas a vision
SupportiveEmpatheticGood Mentorship
HonestTrustworthyBe hands off
ApproachableProfessionalBe Fair

It is the opinion of some that a good leader is born and the opinion of others that a leader is made. As a leader you have to assume command, and know that everything that occurs from that moment on is that leader’s responsibility.

There are many questions that one might ask themselves when trying to gain an understanding of what type of leader they are. To be an effective leader is to have character. Character is broke down into many different areas. Being a trustworthy person is a big part of character. Having an honest relationship with your subordinates is very good. Respect is another character trait that makes up a big apart of who we are. Treat others with respect says a lot and an effective leader would rarely have to work as hard to get respect from his/her employees. Responsibility is doing what is expected of you. Effective and good leaders will always be able to answer for their actions. Always being fair to everyone equally, also showing concern for others are both traits that are possessed by a good leader. The last trait is having citizenship. This is helping your neighbors, and always working to improve your community.

A good leader will ask his/herself questions like, Am I making the right decision?; Is this the right time?; In the right way?; and for the correct reasons? Many times in organizations a manager and supervisor can be interchangeable and often they can mean the same thing.

Management is about processes, systems, and functions while leadership is about influence and motivation. To create an optimum environment in the agency/organization that will greatly aid your work unit, one must learn to “lead up”. Being able to lead up is about having loyalty, dedication, and work ethic. This is able putting the organization ahead of yourself. Many times people may get this confused with sucking up. Sucking up is about doing what you can when you can to put yourself ahead of everything. Leading up greatly assists you in leading your subordinates.

Leaders must be able to read the emotions of their group in an accurate way, but many times they fail to empathize with their crew, and begin to create disconnect amongst the group. When the leader is attuned to their peoples feeling and moves them in a positive direction speaking authentically from their own values and resonating with the emotions around them. Resonance is defined as the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection. Resonance comes naturally to an emotionally intelligent leader. The passion of...
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