The Effect of Music on Society

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The Effect of Different Music on Society
To most people, music is seen as a by-product of society, but it is also an influence. Humans are influenced by their environment in many ways, including creativity. A few examples to show music's effect on society include religious music, how musicians can affect politics, and also different genres and how they can play on your emotions.

For years, christian music has been played in churches. It may make the listener want to do better and care for others. For some, the positivity of the music could help them in every situation. It helps them show and strengthen their faith. Christian music is often used as a comfort cushion and re-enforcement in their beliefs.

Bands like Rage Against the Machine and Tool have risen to the level of a political force by potraying their views on political situations in their music. "It is by no coincidence that The Dead, Jay-Z, and Bruce Springsteen all held concerts for President-elect Barack Obama, before he was elected" (Trever Jones). Music can affect the way see a canidate like a propaganda poster.

"We tend to listen to music that reflects our moods or emotions" (Nathan Feiles). Listening to upbeat and energetic music can help you get out of a sad mood. When people are feeling down, they usually listen to slow and moving music because they feel as though they can relate.

Music can easily alter your feelings, sway the views on an election, and influence people's behavior through religion. Music is an incredibly powerful tool like a toothbush when brushing your teeth.

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