How Music Shaped Our Culture

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How Music Shaped our Culture
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Music is a mass market in the United States, resulting in a strong influence throughout the nation’s culture. Youth culture in particular has been impacted since the explosion of rock n roll in the 1950’s. As the market continues to expand with each generation, an increasingly wider demographic felt the impact of music on daily life. The introduction of new technology contributed as well with music becoming easier to obtain and distribute. As needs change in America so does the music with it. During the Civil Rights Movement, the music of the African American people became more and more popular, Gospel and R&B would tell tales of trouble in the African American communities. They would sing of their unfair treatments, of being poor, and of their dreams of change and freedom from hate. The 1950’s brought around rock and roll and challenged the acts of war and limitations. The music in the 1960’s and ‘70’s had a strong political sound that protested the wars and government of that time. This was especially true in the time of the Vietnam War. Songs rang of sounds of peace and love and the end of a war no one really thought we needed to be involved in. The 1950’s had a lot of change happen in just a short amount of time in the world of music with the bringing of Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll challenged many limitations that were set at that time, which brought around the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. As white musical traditions were blended with the black musical traditions and black performers started to become popular a revolution started and encouraged the desegregation movement of the 1956-1964 time period. This revolution was the age of Rock and Roll. When the “British Invasion” started in the mid 1960’s the sounds of rock and roll changed. According to the text of Media and Culture Ch. 3; the Rolling stones would influence generations of musicians emphasizing gritty,...
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