Is Music a Luxury or Important for Survival?

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Feeling Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Music is necessary for survival. Music is indeed a luxury but it also an important aspect of life. The way music sustains life is different from anything else. I strongly believe music is a part of all of us, no matter what we do. Music is an expression of our thoughts and emotions. Some people make music that can be enjoyed by everyone, while some can only enjoy it. Music has several unique ways to express a single idea. The one thing that can connect every individual with one thought is a miracle, which only complex mixtures of acoustic frequencies and amplitudes can generate. Music is not a luxury There is no question that music enriches us in countless ways. Music can bring out emotions and forgotten memories. Music serves as a powerful cue to recall emotional memories back into awareness. We all have a ton of emotions that control how we act and what we say. Our emotions are triggered by many things. One of those things is Music. At a funeral for one of my family members a song by Whitney Houston was played. Now it is long after that day, but my mother cannot listen to Whitney Houston, because it triggers her past feelings of loneliness and sadness. Music does not always bring out hurtful memories; it actually aids you in finding what is important to you as an individual. Two people can listen to the same song and can convey two entirely dissimilar statements. Humans need music to openly express their emotions, because without it, the world becomes so bleak and dull. Music can change you in several ways, but it depends on the type of music you are being exposed to. A study "Music and Emotions" shows music with augmented sounds that stresses such musical parts as brass, percussion and heavy bass notes will physically affect you more easily than any other type of music. Music is a survival technique that changes feelings into an immovable resolve. Specific types of music can give you courage and even strengthen your willpower; while other types can relax your...
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