The Effect of Moving to Another City or Country

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The Uninsured Permit Holder Hit My Car
It was a very quiet afternoon at my place, so I couldn’t hear anything from outside. Later on, I heard a car noise so I opened the curtain in my living room to check whose car it was. I saw my neighbor’s visitor who parked her car next to mine. It didn’t take long for my neighbor to come out, and they started talking in the parking lot. An accident comes in many different ways at any different times and places. Back in December of 2012 at around 4:20 P.M, my car was hit by a friend of my neighbor. My husband was in the kitchen, and I was watching TV in the living room with our daughter. I didn’t know what was happening when my husband suddenly ran out of the kitchen and said that someone had hit my car. My husband ran outside, and yelled for the other car to stop. The driver did not stop and she almost hit my husband. My husband told our neighbor that she has to call her friend back, or we would call the police, so she called her friend and she came back.

Driskell II
When our neighbor’s friend came to see us, she kept saying she was sorry because she didn’t notice that she had hit my car. I was so angry with her because of how she responded to the whole incident. It made me more furious when someone knocked on our door and handed me her written statement about what she saw. I found out through the written statement that our neighbor’s friend lied to us. She knew in the first place that she had hit my car, but she didn’t care to stop to take responsibility of what she did. Instead, she was laughing with her friend inside the car, and drove at the highest rate of speed through our place. I was mad and wanted to slap her, so my husband sent me back inside the house. I just couldn’t hold my anger towards people who could have done the right thing, but chose to run off from the mess they created. My husband called the Highway Patrol to assist us in getting all her information. When the officer came, I learned that...
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