The Effect of Globalization on Fashion with Special Reference to the Impact of Japanese Designs on the European Scene

Topics: Fashion, Globalization, Fashion week Pages: 5 (1521 words) Published: December 27, 2012
ct Analyse the effect of ‘Globalization’ on fashion with special reference to the impact of Japanese designs on the European scene.

The definition of globalisation is quite complex and extremely controversial. However globalization with reference to the fashion industry helps defines the development of what has been termed as „world fashion‟. Preferred garments of young people is quite often the same. A phenomenon made possible by the exploitative mechanisms of globalization. The globalization of clothing manufacture, distribution, retailing online, and the global commodity advertising of both designer and high street brands, has impacted significantly on fashion and the way the industry operates. Alternatively the progress of the fashion industry through globalization can be defined by the political, economical, social, technological and cultural relations between countries.

Such relationships within the global fashion industry are questioned to whether or not the globalisation of fashion is becoming beneficial or harmful to developing and developed countries. The fashion industry of today is one of the best examples of the effects of globalisation and its implications. Fashion is now able to take its manufacturing abroad as a result of globalization making it possible for the European fashion industries to produce clothing at increasingly lower prices. This allows the high street prices, or the retail price of fashion to be so low that the consumer, the fashion industry and the media have branded the clothing as „fast fashion‟. The emerging trend that is „fast fashion‟ is considered to be disposable clothing, that isn‟t purchased for wear ability or long term fashion status. Globalization has also enabled fashion to take its influences for new products and fashion designs from all over the world, through the means of international media. This can be seen significantly when studying the impact of Japanese designs on the European fashion scene.

However the development of a globalized industry has raised the issues surrounding social and ecological factors. These issues include fair trade of the products and there production along with the ideals of the culture they are produced and sold in. For example fashions popular in an Asian community may not be popular in a British community. The impact of globalization on economies of scale may also be affected in a number of ways, as a result of

the movements within the fashion industry. Basic human rights are also a key issue in this particular industry, with „sweatshops‟ being the main source of dishonour within fashion, impacting on the fair trade of products being sold to the newly developed ethically minded consumer .

Much of the commercial fashion of today ignore these issues caused by globalization, although in recent times high end fashion brands have pledged to only use ethical methods of production, and have since marketed there brands in this way. For Example the ethical policy of the high-street chain store Marks and Spencer. However moving away from the study of globalization in the manufacturing and production procedures of the fashion, it is important to recognise that through the means of international media and technological communication it has been made possible for designers to influence fashion across the world and be influenced by designers across the world, rather than just in the country they operate in. The impact of Japanese designs on the European scene has occurred through the effects of globalization. “Japan has become one of a handful of perfect globalized nations, along with the United States” defining the Japanese fashion scene as being one of the most influential to fashion designers globally, despite Japan not being recognised as a fashion capital, in the same way that New York and even London are branded.

The European fashion industry of today would be very different had globalization not taken effect. Now “more than ever...
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