Consider the Impact of Modern Japanese Fashion on Western Fashion.

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Consider the impact of modern Japanese fashion on Western fashion.

In the fashion field, there has been much discussion revolving of the issue of modern Japanese style influence on Western fashion. Indeed, the Japanese style is becoming more and more popular in Western Counties. Specifically, Rajia (2011) has states that Japanese fashion may be not as popular as some high-end brands in the Western country like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. But Japanese rely on their unique design and marketing strategy attracts many customers, especially young girl and teenager in the Western country. Now days, Japanese fashion has far – reaching effect in Western fashion. In this essay I will concentrate on 3 aspects (design aspect, marketing strategy, aspect and policy aspect) of this issue.

Modern Japanese fashion originated from Western fashion but rose in japan. Koren(1984) states that ‘By the late 1970s, the Western industrialized nations were batting recession, unemployment, and hopelessness. The Japanese were somehow prospering. Vogel (1979) of Harvard wrote a book called Japan as NO.1. Japanese people began to perceive the quality and style of “Western” artifacts. A flurry of west/east graphic image on TV and in the magazines made visible a new coalition of styles. Japan had become a fashionable country. ’. But today, the situation seems changed, more and more Japanese traditional elements and marketing strategy are used by Western brand.

Fashion design is the most critical part in the fashion field. As long as, when customer sees new clothes, firstly, they always consider the design, and then consider other factors. The Western designer is good at using Western elements such as cross symbol in their design. But these designs are had been used for 100 years, which customer Customers feeling aesthetic fatigue. Good designers always keep aware of the needs of customers, and then they get some new ideas inspired by Japan. For example, Rajia (2011) points out that ‘in 2007, John Galliano got his inspiration from Japanese artistic elements for his Dior Handbags collection. This Dior Samourai 1947 Woven bag was released in celebration of Dior’s 60th anniversary. The hand stitched Japanese hair knot and tortoiseshell frame top are super elaborate. Rolled leather handle with twisted tie detailing and gusseted sides add a touch of Asian style. ’. The design has been an enormous success, which enable customer has a brand new sense. In 2012, consumer can almost find Oriental elements in every Western designer’s collection.

Japanese brand is brilliant at marketing strategy. The concept of brand-to-brand collaboration was first put forward by Japan. They combine different brand’s classic design or logo on one product or collection. For example, there are two different brands from different fields (such as cars and jeans, drinks and fashion designer) attempt crossover, and then bring out a unique style. This concept spread quickly to the Western fashion field. According to Saynt(2012), ‘No one can forget Louis Vuitton‘s iconic 2002 collaboration with Takashi Murakami, whose rainbow rendition of the classic LV monogram motif netted some $350 million in sales for the luxury leather label. For its next knockout collabo, Vuitton is revisiting the Land of the Rising Sun with artist and dot enthusiast Yayoi Kusama. The collaboration will available in all 461 of Louis Vuitton’s global stores. ’Another successful collaborate crossover is Comme des Garcons (Japanese brand) with H&M (Swedish brand). According to Alexander (2008), ‘The Japanese fashion brand, Comme des Garçons, one of the most avant garde in the world, is to join forces with the high street chain.’ This collaborate collection allow some customers who can not afford the cost of Comme des Garçons but also wants the Comme des Garçons’s logo and classic design such as dot, unique cutting and so on. These two cases are the best model of commercial collaborate behaviour between...
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