The Disavantages of Using Facebook

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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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Facebook is one of website which facilities communication. By facebook, people become easy to communicate with their friend. Moreover, facebook can be accessed for all ages. For example, using facebook becomes a lifestyle for teenagers. Almost everyday they access their facebook account to chat with their friends or just to update their status. If they don’t have facebook, their other friends will say you are old-fashion people. Facebook also has advantages and disavantages. In this article, let’s try to disscuss the disavantages of using facebook. Some disavantages that we can mention here : making weak eyesight, wasting time and money, cyber crime and conflict rising. People think by facebook make their friendship be easier. But every social network always has advantage and disadvantages. It is also happen in facebook. In this side, let’s try to talk about the disadvantages of facebook. The common disadvantages when we access in facebook is wasting time and money. If we log in too long it can make weak eyesight. The other disadvantages is easy to make conflict and cyber crime. The disadvantages of facebook are makes weak eyesight. People who access facebook will feel enjoy and waste much time in front of the monitor, moreover when they chat with their friend, they will forget to do anything else, eventhough just for blink their eyes. If it happen continually can make their eyes red, and feel tired. Actually blink the eyes can make refresh our eyes, but if people forget to do it can make the bad effect like their eyes will dry and feel tired. The other side, when people access facebook too long it can make eyes radiation. It is also become dangerous problem in our healthy. Because the effect of radiation not only can make eyes tired but also can make cataract and other dangerous effect. So, to reduce the eyes radiation people should keep their eyes by consume vitamin A and always washing their face after using computer. The next disadvantage of using facebook...
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