The Disappearance of Childhood

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  • Published : September 8, 2012
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Initial Thread
In lesson 3, the presenter discussed Neil Postman's article, "The Disappearance of Childhood". I agree that electronic media, such as television fails to show children in their place. Children are exhibiting various behaviors that do not represent God and what he wants for his people. The presentation states, according to Postman, "When literature disappears, education disappears. When education disappears, shame disappears." Children are no longer shameful of their actions, not because of be uneducated, it is because society accepts the behaviors and allows it to continue. Understanding the minds of the young will help one to be able to minister according to God's word. Raising children as if they are your own in the right direction will help our youth to be what they once were. Literature is very important for Christians and for everyone. Gaining insight on how to be a more spiritual person and even including spiritual literature in your daily lives in order to add more spirituality to one’s family can ensure that we bring the child back to childhood. Watching children act like and carry themselves as children is what Christians want to see. Children are our children’s role model and some want to reflect the ones that are seen. As a parent, I understand Postman’s point and by wanting to working the educational system, I know how easily influenced our children are. Bringing the importance back to literature in education is going to take a lot of time and patience from Christians across the world. Reply to Denise Richardson

I totally agree with your views that you have. Society thrives off of showing how vulnerable our children are. Grooming a child takes a village and not just one person. Our children have been raised to mainly support themselves, which forces them to act in a mature, yet childish way. Staying in church and learning about God's word will definitely help strengthen the way children feel towards others of the...