Childhood and Young People

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Identify the different relationships that children and young people may have (Learning outcome 1.1)

➢ Parents, siblings and extended family
➢ Friends, enemies
➢ Doctors, dentist, LAC nurse
➢ Social workers
➢ Teachers/tutors
➢ Carer’s

Explain the importance of positive relationships for development and well-being (Learning outcome 1.2)

➢ Children’s welfare can be properly monitored.
➢ Children are given consistent care.
➢ Children’s needs and interests are identified.
➢ Skills and ideas can be shared.
➢ Plans for children’s care and education are more effective.

Explain the possible effects of children having restricted or supervised contact in order to maintain relationships (learning outcome 1.3)

➢ Children may feel they are being punished and they have not done anything wrong. ➢ Anger, showing unwanted behaviour.
➢ Children feel let down and unloved, cry and shout. ➢ Children may want to show private affection and are unable to. ➢ Settled children in placement may show unwanted behaviour after contact. ➢ Conflicting rules, parent may allow coke and toffees, carer may have settled the child in to a healthy eating plan

Explain why it is important to encourage children or young people to resolve conflict for themselves if possible (learning outcome 3.1)

➢ To learn to defend themselves at a young age to build confidence in being able to protect them when they are adults. ➢ To develop strategies at a young age in order to deal with conflict. ➢ This is something that they will have to deal with throughout life and children/young people need to understand that they may not always be right and learn how to say ‘sorry’ in the event that they have behaved badly or misunderstood someone.

Explain how to support a child or young person who is distressed by...
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