The Disabled

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The Disabled
Social definition
A person is disabled when some part of the mind or body does not work in traditional ways. They only become handicapped when they confront overwhelming barriers that are by architectural design or prejudicial attitudes. When most people think of the word "disability" they instantly picture someone in a wheelchair. But there are many different types of disability. They include: * people who are blind or partially sighted

* people with learning or intellectual disabilities
* people who are deaf or hearing impaired
* people with a physical disability
* people with long term illnesses
* people with mental health or psychological difficulties * people with an acquired brain injury

Legal definition
According to the World Health Organisation, a disability is… "any restriction or lack (resulting from any impairment) of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being" Characteristics

Disabled people are people who are physically and/or mentally disadvantaged from doing the things that are required of normal human behavior. They may have difficulty doing things for themselves and as a result, may require the care of other people to assist them. Specific Needs

Access to Services
The disabled may not be able to access services due to their lack of knowledge that the service exists and possibly their mobility is limited when trying to access it. Fear of ignorance and rejection from society may be a factor that makes the disabled unwilling to access the services. Some may deny that they have a disability and therefore do not access the services available. Services Available

* Government Services
* Centrelink
* Career Allowance
* Disability Trusts Home and Community Care

Equal opportunity is always a must. Special Education is available to those with a disability. Carers need to be aware of both the prediction for the disabled person and the procedures necessary to help them be as independent as possible. Schools and/or work place may need modifying e.g. ramps, elevators, rails and non-slip floors Financial Support

Centrelink is able to provide financial assistance through various - Mobility Allowance. Access to government support such as the main payment - disability support pension. It is paid to people whose disability disallows them to work. Payments allow them with medical expenses and purchase of special equipment required. Examples

* Career Payments
Mobility Allowance
* Partner Allowance
* Parenting Allowance
* Child Disability Allowance
* Disability Support Pension
* Pensioner Education Supplement

Employment Provides financial support, housing, increases self-esteem and sense of identity and purpose, through employment, employers will need to have some understanding of their disability and put in place structures that will allow the individual to access ongoing training and support to allow them to feel successful. Examples

* Changing recruitment and selection procedures
* Modifying work sites
* Providing training or other assistance

Health requirements differ depending on the type of disability people have. Hospitals, nursing homes and institutions are some places that people are cared in, and careers are also available. Example

The Disabled may need help with basic day to day actions including getting dressed, eating, having a shower. This is a result of their disability. Housing
Housing needs to be affordable and close to services. Modifications to the home may need to be made. Example
The NSW Department of Housing assist’ disabled people with suitable housing. Home and Community Care (HACC) provides services like transport and meals on wheels. This enables disabled people to still live in their own home Security and Safety 

Facilities available to the disabled; disabled parking...
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