The Different Between Manager and Leader

Topics: Management, Leadership, Fiedler contingency model Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Some people think of the words Manager and Leader and think they are the same. The two are related, but the jobs are different. They might look the same, but don’t mean the same. Both Manager and Leader have different responsibilities in an organization. Leader will influence and set example for others to follow, this is called “do as I do, and Manager is do what I say”. In real life, some Managers possess leadership qualities and some Leaders possess some managerial qualities. Managers and Leaders are two different kinds of characters. It’s not easy to see the difference because the qualities of Managers and Leaders are each combined in the same person. But if ones observe the qualities in each person, one will know that Leaders and Managers are different because Manage tends to manage the work and rules, and Leaders deal with personal issues of people, and also know that a Leader does not have subordinates, a leader has followers. Sometimes societies and organizations need either a manager or a leader, or sometimes they need both managers and leaders. Their motivations, personal history, their way of thinking and attitude are different. This paper will talk about how Managers and Leaders are different. This paper will also talk about what makes a leader.

Although Manager and Leader walk hands in hands, but lot of different jobs functions, not enough tools and confusing demands for time and resources, calls for good management. This is when Managers come in play because in this area, managers will set priorities, he/she will establish process, he/she will oversee how the work is carryout, and observes the progress against his/her expectations. According to Colvard, (2003) from the Business Source Complete, vol. 35 Issue 9, “Management involves looking at the facts and assessing status, which can be aided by technical tools, such as spreadsheets, PERT charts, and the like. Management is focused on the short term, ensuring...
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