Why It Is Important to Portray Good Leadership and Management Qualities

Topics: Management, Leadership, Situational leadership theory Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Every adult whether they have had one or ten jobs in their lifetime has dealt with a superior at some point in their career. There is the boss that you consider a friend, and the one you would rather them not be your manager at all. The one that makes you feel like he/she is out to get you, the pushover and the list continues. What characteristic does it take to be a positive role model, to have leadership skills, to know how to run the show, manage others, and to be considered the “perfect supervisor”? John Kotter describes management and leadership as “two distinct, yet complimentary systems of actions in organizations.”(pg 2) Planning, budgeting, organizing/starting and controlling/ problem solving are the requirements for the management process according to Kotter.(pg.3) Kotter depicts the leadership process as:“(1) Setting a direction for the organization, (2) aligning people with that direction through communication; and (3) Motivating people to action, partly through empowerment and partly through basic need gratification.”(pg 4) Leadership is defined as, the action of leading a group of people or an organization. When it comes to being a leader there is more than one way of going about it, the styles vary from formal to informal leaders. A formal leadership is when a single individual is chosen to guide an organization as a whole. When an individual takes the initiative to step up and direct others this is considered informal. Abraham Zaleznik expresses, that while both leaders and managers aid in the organizations success the two positions bring an array of different qualities to the table. Leaders are constantly striving for change and for ways to take their ideas to the next level, whereas managers are focused on making sure the strength and the appearance of the company is at its full potential. The extent of their differences range from “attitudes towards goals” (pg 184) to their personal “sense of self”(pg 184). A manager focuses on a goal with a...
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