The Development of Social Media Marketing in Vietnam (2008-2012)

Topics: Social media, Facebook, Ho Chi Minh City Pages: 4 (1423 words) Published: October 23, 2012
In Vietnam, since the introduction of the first Internet Service Provider in 1997, the growth of Internet usage has been rapidly growing. Coming along with the development of Internet’s growth speed, social media usage has developed and become widespread very quickly. Social networks, blog sites, and other online “beehives” appear to be all around us as millions of people adopt social media sites as their primary source of all kinds of information. It is also important to note that instead of using the more common social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, Vietnam has its own localized version of social media tools which could be a significant threat to its international counterparts. Seeing this growing trend of social media, many Vietnamese companies started to use social media as a tool to advertise their products, which is called “social media marketing”. What’s the movement in business today? It’s social media of course! What’s the most underrated trend in business today? It’s social media of course! It’s hot, it’s cool, but it’s also an unknown. When tapped into, Social media becomes a valuable marketing resource for business. It becomes part of doing business (Scott, 2010). Traditional marketing focused on push advertisements. The “in-your-face” advertising that continually pushed brands in buyers’ faces. Those days are gone now. The rules have changed and marketing is no longer based on one-way interruption. David Meerman Scott says, “One-way interruption messaging is yesterday’s message”. It is now collaboration. Social media is where buyers are spending their time one and where savvy businesses are engaging with consumers (Scott, 2010). Social media is everywhere. Buyers are talking about brands and products and making buying decisions using social media. Marketing is now collaboration. So, what exactly is social media marketing? It is an internet-based that allows people to participate actively in the marketing and selling of...
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